Logistics & Haulage

We have been in haulage and logistics for over a decade and we started this kind of work from small goods delivery and then to sub-contract delivery services and then to full scale haulage with the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.

Trucks were acquired when the present Managing Director first run his business as a Sole Proprietor for logistics and haulage services both to private customers and also private companies operating in Sierra Leone.

This activity graduated to handling delivery of 20 feet to 40 feet containers and then to low bed movers of large equipment when the those contracts arose and more so when the mining industry grew some six (6) years ago.

Artmec Co provided both logistical and haulage support to African Minerals, London Mining. Vimetco, Van de Null and many other large scal companies operating in Sierra Leone. We out-sourced equipment to augment our fleet to meet the demands of our clients.

We will take this advantage to our mining activity along with the imput and as well as sub-contracting the services of providers to ensure the wheels are greased on other people’s businesses in line with our motto: – Not for self but all.

Some of our trucks in the business

Trucks3  Trucks2  Trucks1