Jobs & Employment

We currently have a database of technicians and persons who have worked with us in the past 14 years and many of them are not on the regular payroll.

We are a promising major employer and hope to employ over 7,000 persons for all our operations in the next few years.

Employment will follow three main pathways:

  • Formal through a letter and interview process
  • Informal through verbal and hands on practical tests (for semi and full illiterates)
  • Special appointments by invitation and recommendation

We seek to involve all skilled and professional persons who had no or little opportunity to go through formal education but can perform outstandingly in a field of operation.


We have many vacancies to fill at this time and we will appreciate persons who can submit a realistic and proper application or request for work through any of our contacts by email, post or dropping by our offices

We will NOT entertain misfits and fraudulent applications

We have vacancies to be filled in the following work areas:

  • Machine Operators
  • Heavy vehicle drivers
  • Light vehicle drivers
  • Security Personnel
  • IT Programmers
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Cooks
  • Gardeners
  • Farmers
  • Food Processors
  • Scientists
  • Geologists
  • Finance Officers
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Waiters
  • Hotel Managers
  • Interpreters & Translators
  • Sattelite Technicians
  • Mechanics & Auto Electricians for earth moving Equipment
  • Mechanics & Auto Electricians for Trucks
  • Mechanics & Auto Electricians for vehicles
  • Buildiers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Marine & Ports officials
  • Sea Farers
  • Oil & Gas experts
  • Pipeline Technicians
  • Plumbers
  • HAVC technicians
  • Games trainers / coaches



Applications are welcome now and we are advertising on local and international newspapers as well as on selected websites online including:

Standard Times Press

Awareness Times

Sierra News

Contractors Needed

We are engaging qualified and dedicated contractors for various works in this project. Some contracts have a fixed lifespan while others are ongoing and the rest are as needed.

There are a few companies we have already engaged for preliminary works as well as for lifetime services and the list is of these are given:

  • ALS Global for sample testing and laboratory analysis both for Ores and other items – lifetime
  • Kanu Equipment for Leibherr & Bell heavy equipment supply – life time
  • Union Trust Bank for banking and finance transfers – lifetime
  • Holland Shipyard for constructing ports/ harbor / jetties – subcontractor
  • Van de Null as secondary contractors for marine services – subcontractor
  • Classdiving for hydrographic surveys – subcontractor
  • China Seventh Railway Group for bridges and some road construction – subcontractor
  • Korea Group for bridges – subcontractor
  • Danta International for supply of trucks and vehicles – partial long term contract
  • Intergems for ESIA reports – contractual agreement

Subcontractors needed for competitive subcantractual projects include:

  • Building Contractors for 55 Senior Bungalow Quarters
  • Building Contractors for 120 Regular Bungalow Quarters
  • Building Contractors for Ordinary accommodation blocks in 300 buildings
  • Industrial Electrical design firms
  • Industrial Water treatment contractors
  • Oil Refinery builders
  • VSAT and Satelite communications contractor
  • Hotel management contractor
  • Kitchen management contractor
  • Railway track contractors
  • Locomotive design and operations contractor
  • Cartamaran design contractor
  • Passenger and vehicle ferry design contractor
  • Agriculturists