About Us


Who We Are?

Artmec Company was founded in 1998 by Mr Numu Bah and was predominantely involved in trading and business transactions with operations in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

By year 2000 the business began to gain entry into the engineering and technical fields with the use of sub-contractors holding specialised training and qualifications which created a name for the company and brought profits enough to procure assets and other necessary requirements for full scale business ventures.

We have grown many coordinated partnerships that have kept the company in the business and our staff comprises of Sierra Leonean who are professionals with much experience, some of which are qualified and decorated internationally and we ensure we maintain a well-manned, credible and hardworking team with a motto: ‘Not for self but for all’


What We Do?

Over the past fourteen years we have engaged ourselves in various activities including

  • Logistics provision
  • Contract Mining (intermediate)
  • Building construction
  • Industrial drilling
  • Explosive blasting
  • Stone and gravel quarrying
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Demolition
  • Material haulage
  • Road construction (primary & secondary)
  • Equipment hire / rental services
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Installations (industrial, commercial & domestic)

Our History









ABOUT - mission

Our Mission

  • Provide services relating to our operations that are vital and useful to our partners and maintaining sincerity and business transparency.
  • Think and behave uniquely in the Sierra Leonean business environment.
  • Deliver professionally and efficiently and stay people oriented.
  • Earn the admiration of investors, customers communities and employees with a sound business relationship.


Company Objectives

  • To promote business in the Sierra Leonean style but maintaining and delivering services in professional and excellent manner.
  • To encourage cordiality and cohesiveness as a bonded working team.
  • To operate in a transparent, highly skilled and flat organizational structure.


Our Vision

Not for self but for others

Our Company Vision is very important to us as we conduct all our business with this in mind. We strive to provide professional services that improve all people.

Our Leaders

Numu Bah

Company Director

Numu Bah has a wealth of experience in operating all manner of heavy equipment and he has developed a new world of revolutionary equipment handling to serve the construction, engineering and mining industries in West Africa.

George Pyne-Bailey

Head of Projects  Engineering

George has been with Artmec since 2010 as an engineering consultant handling all sorts of projects ranging from mining to power systems to project management.  His key role is designing and planning projects and ensuring the performance output is strictly professional. George also has steep experience in managing businesses and has great experience in finance having had the opportunity to work as Chief Engineer at the Central Bank of Sierra Leone and a similar position at the West African Monetary Agency.

Tyril Gouldson

Geology and Mining Adviser

Tyril has been with Artmec for the past four years working on projects and has been very instrumental and key to the present plans and arrangements involving our entrance into the mining sector.

Tyril who has over 39 years of post-qualification experience had supervised the prospecting team in lode gold and alluvial gold in Fintonia area, rutile and associated minerals as well as exploration activities for Iron Ore and Bauxite.  He served as Acting Director Ministry of Mineral Resources and supervised the Mineralogical laboratory

Emmanuel Gif Bernard

Head of Geology & Surveys

Emmanuel has been with Artmec for about three years and had been on consultancies and contracts with many artisanal and alluvial mining companies as geologist.  He has gained a much of experience in gold, diamond and bauxite mining activities which are the main minerals mined in Sierra Leone.  Rock types and geological surveys has been his passion and he has cooperated his knowledge with those of professional and international geologists to make the Artmec project one worth taking.