Our Projects

Oil Refinery and Fuel Depot

We will be operating a fuel depot through the a charter vessel for fuel bunkering for low sulphur and high quality diesel and HFO. The project for building or installing 15,000 metric tons of fuel tanks is one for daily routine fuel supply to machines, equipment and vehicles.

The refinery is a 3-year planned activity that will be introduced after full authorizations are received for continuous delivery of crude oil to optimize our business plan. The project includes handling over 45,000 metric tons of fuel as the planned capacity for the refinery. New pipelines, tanks, gates, gantries, platforms, protection and many other oil & gas requirements will form this project

The refinery is one added value product along with other value added ones that our projects shall incorporate. Sierra Leone may then have a potential for being oil sufficient as it progresses with its oil and gas industry.