Road Works

The primary road works to be done around our operational hub consists of the following:
⁃    20m wide highways on dual carriage dual tracks for 42km in total
⁃    15m wide major dual carriage dual tracks for 22km in total
⁃    8m wide road in single carriage dual track for 28km in total

Within our project is the need to fill and repair the laterite roads along the haulage routes and from the operational hub to main towns and as a future main project, pour asphalt concrete from Moyamba Junction to Moyamba Town over a 32km dual track route with about 11 new bridges.

The upgrading of the rail track is another project that will be a part of the operational life of Artmec Mining Company.

External to our project will be the contribution and assistance to fill and repair laterite roads within the Moyamba township as a routine during the rains and occasionally during the dry season to keep commuters using the roads with little difficulty and to help reduce the maintenance cost of the limited number of vehicles on the roads. Contributing to the national road network development is also a possible venture in the future.