Our Work

Artmec Company Limited has evolved into Artmec Mining Company Ltd and carries along its sincerity of purpose to our mining services. We take pride in offering the best working environment as great and serviceable partners.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our partners and we are desirous to make a fresh mark in the Sierra Leonean business world. We are a great team of professionals who are involved with work in various engineering and technical fields.

We recently entered into the mining industry to take advantage of the great wealth of the mineral ores deposited in our country Sierra Leone and we wish to use the derived wealth to help build our nation’s infrastructure, performance rating and reputation.

Artmec Co Ltd was founded in 1998 and the CEO, Numu Bah has a wealth of experience in operating all manner of heavy equipment and he has developed a new world of revolutionary equipment handling to serve the construction, engineering and mining industries in West Africa. Our Project Manager, George Pyne-Bailey has huge experiences in developing and managing several engineering projects for about 20 years.

We hold concession license to explore and mine bauxite within three (3) plots of land in a total area of 362sq km in the Moyamba District. Our primary target is the 46sq km and the 63sq km in plots 1 & 2 respectively that are situated at about 40km from our proposed operational hub at the face of the ocean

Work Completed & Engaged in

Date CompletedWork Done and Engaged In$
2014Haulage Contract of bauxite material for Vimetco Company Ltd from Gbonge Hills to Gondama Plant Site and to Nitty Jetty Port from 2013 to 2014Contract sum US$375,000
2014Sub-Contract bauxite mining for Vimetco Company Ltd at the Gbonge Hills from 2013 to 2014Contract sum US$150,000
2014Construction of an unfinished private residence at Juba – electrical installation, civil works including tiling, balustrade fixing, doors and windows installation etc Oct 2014Contract sum US$34,240
2014Installation, servicing and maintenance of dozens of generators and generating ranging from.9Kva to 1000Kva from 2000 to dateContract cost US$845,000
2013Quarrying and haulage of coarse aggregate (crushed rocks) from Goderich in Freetown to Mogbemoh for Sierra Rutile Ltd in the Moyamba District from 2007 to 2008Contract sum US$200,000
2013Construction of foundation and installing plumbing and electrical lines for a new facility at the US Embassy premises in Sep 2013 Contract sum US$8,830
2013Design and installation of an elevated cascaded communications antennae for repeater linkage in Sep 2013Contract sum US$4,680
2013Construction of 2 story house at Carlton Carew Road Phases 1 & 2 for private client in Nov 2013Contract sum US$54,070
2013Renovation of flat at 60 Signal Hill Road – electrical installation and civil works for Private Client in Apr 2013Contract sum US$17,910
2013Fabrication of safe haven doors, grill gates and escape egress for a new US Embassy Residence in July 2013Contract sum US$5,260
2013Electrical power supply installation at US Embassy Residence at Bean Town (Jul 2013 – 1 week work) Contract sum US$5,450
2012Transportation of 24 meters railway accessories from Freetown Water Quay to various sites in the Tonkolili and Bombali Districts from 2010 to 2012 for African Minerals LimitedContract sum US$1,200,000
2012Earthmoving works at Ferembeyah in the Tonkolili District for African Minerals Limited in 2012Contract sum US$450,000
2012Construction of a permanent 2-classrooms structure and electrical works for the American International School of Freetown in Aug 2012Project Cost US$41,600
2012Fencing and paving of a private residence at Hill Cot Road in Jun 2012Contract sum US$11,860
2012Contractor for Engcon Investment for the design and installation of the electrical works at Addax CSL camp 1 at Tonkolili District.in 2012Project Cost US$40,230
2012Renovation, repairs and structural security upgrade works at 21 American Embassy residences (including the ambassador’s residence) 2011 to June 2012Project Cost US$53,110
2012Civil and Electrical works for upgrading the security structure and installing solar lighting system at the American International School of Freetown in Jan 2012Contract sumUS$42,890
2012Road works along the Ferembeyah to Binkolo axis and the mining site of African Minerals Limited in 2011 to 2012Contract sum US$820,000
2011Design and construction of a vehicle parking bay and modern guard booth at the US Embassy Compound in Oct 2011Project cost US$34,375
2011US Embassy external building and fence cleaning and maintenance of walls and windows in May 2011 and Jun 2010Contract sum US$52,795
2011Fire Safety Training Workshop for Bolloré -Freetown Terminal in Jun 2011Contract sum US$1,570
2011Rehabilitation of the Water Supply Facilities at Mile 91, Yonibana, Lunsar and kabala Towns in 2011 to 2013 for GOSL for 54 km pipeline, 174 stand pipes, 5 m3 elevated tanks, rehabilitation of staff quarters and construction of treatment plantsContract sum US$6.3million
2010Transporting Zircom from Sierra Rutile Site to the Magburaka River Rokel washing plant for Sierra Rutile in 2010Contract sum US$130,000
2010Project design and management - Estate Rehabilitation Works (civil, mechanical & electrical) for Peace Corps (SL) in 2010)Project cost US$190,000
2009Associate Contractor to Ausco for connecting 38 Base Stations to NPA grid and automating the communication system for Zain and Tigo SL -Electronics and electrical works 2008 to 2009)Project cost US$188,300
2008Consultancy Services for the Design and Supervision of the Rehabilitation of the Water and Sanitation Facilities for the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces in 2008Project cost US $59,000
2007Construction of new Rokel Commercial Bank Branch and other staff quarters at Makeni in 2007Project cost US$1.05million
2006Construction of a 2.5 acre Resource Centre at the Tokeh beach front with 500-seater multi-purpose hall, reception, 50-seater restaurant with modern kitchen, medical centre, officer’s quarters, 25 single bedrooms in 2 storey flats, 10 executive suites, an exclusive entertainment centre, parking lots, electrical and water harnessing and supply lines, slipway and fence 2005 to 2006 Project cost US$1.856,630
2005Installation of a new Panasonic 500DBX PABX Telephone System to cover 250 extensions in the 2 Central Bank Buildings in 2005Valued at US$980,500
2004Consultancy Services for the design, construction and rehabilitation of the Water Supply System at the Serabu Hospital in 2004Project cost US$52,000 (funded by EU)
2004Supervision of the construction of a 2 storey Community Bank at Segbwema in 2004 Valued at US$68,675
2003Identification and prioritization of 800 km of Rural Laterite Roads along with potential burrow pits in 2003 for the Sierra Leone Roads AuthorityProject cost US$120,000
2003Supervision for the construction of a 2 storey Community Bank at Mile 91 in 2003Valued at US$71,085
2003Installation of a new Close Circuit Television Surveillance system at the Central Bank of Sierra Leone Head Office in Freetown and installation of a used system at the Kenema Branch Offices in 2003 Contract sum US$115,662