Our Projects


Artmec has over 2,010 hectares of farm land and over 80 senior farmers and 250 regular farmers and 600 helpers in the Kholifa Rawal Chiefdom in Tonkolili District. The farmland is presently under utilised and only rice, cassava, pine apples and some legumes are usually grown along with rearing of some cattle and farm animals.

The farmland will be used for planting and rearing cattle that will service the food needs of the project operations. Regular supply of food materials will be made from the f requirement so that the cost of raw food materials are obtained from the farms and distributed accordingly to all kitchens and foods storage halls for preservations.

Our testing laboratory will always be used to analyze the food content and chemical compositions of our food materials to match imported materials for healthy foodstuffs.

These food information will help to improve the food sector in Sierra Leone and add value to the many Sierra Leonean foodstuffs which are usually consumed.

Projects to finance other farms and farmers will be instituted to add value to local and foreign operators to boost their production capacity and ensure there is enough quality food stock at every one time.